Case Study of Suicide Prevention in East Azerbaijan in 2009

  • Ali Fakhari
  • Mostafa Farahbakhsh


Introduction: Suicide is a serious health issue causing indescribable pain and disability in individuals,
families and the society. The present study describes a Suicide Prevention Program in East Azerbaijan
Province which was implemented following reported increase in completed suicides in some of its cities.
Case Study: A community-based multi-intervention preventive program was formulated and implemented
in Azar Shahr and Jolfa cities in 2009. The major solutions were the conduction of a suicide surveillance
system to screen and treat depression. Results indicated that suicide number of cases increased from 20 to
24 in Azar Shahr and decreased from 4 to 1 in Jolfa.
Conclusion: This experience intensifies the evidence that in order to prevent suicide, its process and risk
factors should be well identified and that the region and even city’s combination of population and culture
should be considered before selecting solutions.

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