The National Financial Burden of Hospitalization of Diabetes in Iran

  • Shahram Ghaffari
  • Seyed Ebrahim Hashemi
  • Haleh Atabaki
Keywords: Hospitalization Cost, Diabetes, Health economics, Iran


Purpose: To determine hospitalization cost of diabetes in Iran.

Methods: The cost-of-illness analysis, using bottom-up and prevalence approach has been conducted. Cost information of 4002 diabetic inpatients, based on ICD-10 coding standard, were collected and analyzed.

Results: The study shows that the mean age of diabetic patients was 58.3 years and the average length of stay was 6.2. The average cost of diabetic patients irrespective of their type of diabetes was US $716. Every one day of hospitalization of a diabetic patient imposes US$117 on a typical buyer of service. With 4% prevalence rate of diabetes and presuming that diabetes raises the event of hospitalization by at least 3 times, about 884,591 diabetic patients were estimated to be hospitalized in 2009, in Iran. For buyers and based on the national tariff, the diabetes inpatients cost was amounted to US $633.97 million, in 2009, while for providers this amount can increase up to US $887.31 million. Diabetes hospitalizations consume 3.2 to 4.5 percent of the total health expenditure in Iran.

Conclusion: Diabetes hospitalization imposes a significant financial burden on individual, insurer, government and the society. This burden will increase as the prevalence of diabetes as well as the cost and rate of hospitalization increases.


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