Experts Opinions of Tabriz University of Medical Sciences about Outsourcing of Hospitals at Iran: A Qualitative Study

  • Ali Jannati
  • Yalda Mousazadeh PhD Candidate of Health Services Management, School of Management and Medical Informatics, Student Researches Committee, Tabriz University of Medical Sciences, Tabriz, Iran
  • Hossein Jabbari Beyrami
Keywords: Outsourcing, Hospital, Qualitative study, Focus Group Discussion


Purpose: It is inevitable to use mechanisms such as outsourcing is for optimal performance and in result of changing needs of patients and changing health care organizations. Therefore, this study was conducted
to investigate the views of experts in the field of hospital administration at Tabriz University of Medical Sciences about outsourcing of hospitals.
Methods: This study was qualitative and the data were collected through three focus group discussions that with twenty participants. These individuals were selected based on purposive sampling. Content analysis was used for data analysis after review by two university professors.
Results: Four main themes and fifteen sub-themes were identified during the content analysis. The main themes included outsourcing concepts, context and conditions for outsourcing, different aspects of outsourcing in hospitals, and challenges facing outsourcing of hospital services in Iran.
Conclusion: The participants believed that aim of outsourcing in hospitals was productivity and providing the best service for patients. However, implementation of this policy required appropriate rules and
requirements. According to the obtained results, using professional managers, identifying units for outsourcing, determining steps of outsourcing process, and having strong regulations (as the most
important factor) were the important and key points for outsourcing.

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