Changes in Renal Indices among Children under Mechanical Ventilation

  • Nemat Bilan
  • Majid Maleki
  • Hadi Kyanvar
Keywords: Acute renal failure, Creatinine, Urine volume, Mechanical ventilation, GFR


Purpose:To compare renal indices in patients under mechanical ventilation and controls not undergoing the procedure.

Methods:In this comparative study, the authorsdetermined and compared levels of serum creatinine, urine volume and glumerular filtration rate(GFR) in a group of 80 patientsunder mechanical ventilation and a control group of 50 patients admitted in the pediatric intensive care unit(PICU) at Tabriz Children's Hospital.

Results:Urine volume in 16% of patients in the mechanical ventilation patient group was less than 0.3ml/kg/h (based onRIFLE formula) while in the control group, there was no decrease in urine volume and there was a significant difference between the two groups. Creatinine levels greater than 3 times normal size, was found in both groups and in mechanical ventilation group 3.7% of the patients had an increased amount of creatinine while there was no statistically significant difference between the two groups. Increased creatinine levels in the mechanical ventilation group, was in the range of previous studies. All patients in the mechanical ventilation group with a  decrease in GFR above 75%, died.

Conclusion:Critically ill children admitted to PICU undergoing mechanical ventilation are at risk of acute renal failure and changes in urine volume could be used as an alerting measure for acute renal failure in these patients.

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