An Unusual Multi Organ Presentation of Hydatid Cyst: A Case Report

  • Vahid Montazeri
  • Ramin Azhough
  • Homa Farajkhah
  • Sanaz Rahimi
  • Mohammad Naghavi Behzad
  • Yashar Hashemi-aghdam Young Researchers Club, Tabriz Branch, Islamic Azad University, Tabriz, Iran
Keywords: Hydatid cyst, Thorax, Multifocal hydatid cyst, Parasitic diseases, case report


A 35 year old female patient presented with cough, purulent production and dyspnea. In computerized tomographic scan (CTscan)numerous cysts were observed in chest, abdomen and paravertebral muscles.Because the cysts were ruptured, surgical intervention was planned for her thoracic lesions without prior anti-parasitic medical treatment. She had no complications in short- term follow up.


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